Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall, Are You Here Yet?

My Thanksgiving issue of Taste of Home arrived yesterday. Aww turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries.... how I've missed you. The magazine's arrival did not help the intense anticipation for fall and winter that I've been feeling this year. This summer was.... I don't even know. It happened so fast, was so busy and overwhelming, that I haven't really stopped at any point to think how it was. Our fast paced summer also ruined all of my grand blogging intentions. Sorry.

All I know is I'm craving turkey, my slow-cooker, football, ski goggles, and blankets. Anyone else having these seasonal cravings?

While impatiently awaiting those fall leaves (ps, of which we have very few here in the desert!), I have been trying to force myself to do summer. We have played tennis outside, camped, drank margaritas, swam, traveled, hiked, and watched the Olympics. I have also been canning. I want to store away the best parts of summer to have in the middle of Winter, when I'm totally completely where-is-my-swimsuit-and-the-sun-when-I-wake-up over it.

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So, I hope to share a couple of my stowed away masterpieces with you in the next few days. And, people, there will be PEACHES. Peaches for days, centuries, months. Hubby is convinced I've decided the whole 12-21-12 thing is going to bring about a zombie apocalypse and that we will only be able to survive on peaches. In reality, I got duped by the sweet talking farm-stand lady who, God bless her, convinced me that I needed four crates of peaches to accomplish my canning goals. Weeeeeeeeeellll, now I just have a few more goals.

Off to peel you know what.